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Enter The Hedge...

March 25th, 2010

Devious Journal Entry

Kevin Buntin

Creature Workshop Promo
by *Boggleboy on deviantART

The deadline is rapidly approaching for my first creature workshop of the year. Please click on the image below for a better view to get all the details on how to sign up. This beautiful add was put together by Leslie Trimbach. Hope to see you there- it will be great fun!

February 26th, 2008

I'm Back! Hellooooo??????

Kevin Buntin


The World of Kevin Buntin 

Okay...okay...it's been a looooong

March 28th, 2007

"Greetings from deep in the Hedge! "
    Here's the latest news from the Hedge and Boggleboy Studios:     

March 14th, 2007

"Greetings from deep in the Hedge! "
    Here's the latest news from the Hedge and Boggleboy Studios:     
I am proud  and extremely excited to announce that -at long last- the much awaited and anticipated update and remodel  of the World Of Kevin Buntin is here!!!!
         That's right folks, Spring is here- albeit a bit prematurely- and so too is the remodel and update of the World Of Kevin Buntin. We will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary this April 1st- yes, April Fools Day!- as well as celebrating some major changes in the Hedge and at Boggleboy Studios! For one, we have a new official Site Sprite-Creann Pieroni!!!! A wonderful lady with vision, humor, a wonderful artistic sensibility and organization skills the like of which we have never seen in the Hedge! You can see some of her own lovely art on DA here: Trinny2812 She is responsible for the majority of the wonderful animations you will find throughout the site as well as the new design. We have worked very closely together for an overall look and feel that more closely resembles my original dream and vision for the World Of Kevin Buntin than ever was done before. So please, if it's been a while since you visited, drop by and check it all out and please be sure to sign the Guest Book- we lost a lot of the original entries due to some technical glitch. It will be nice to see actual entries other than the constant barrage of SPAM we get....
      Also, Imagine 2006 is finally out and available for purchase for those of you who might be interested. You can purchase a copy here: The Imagine Project Remember, the sales proceeds all get split up among all the artists featured therein, so you'll be helping out a lot of artisans besides just myself. Also, if you haven't heard yet- I was featured in the Winter Edition of Faerie's Magazine!!!!!! I am still really stoked about that!!!!
      And finally, I would like to announce the first in a planned series of collaborations between myself and Pat Graham- "buffalodancing" and  "Dancing Buffalo"  and "Pattee". This will be a series of characters sculpted by Pat that I will then do costumes and write stories for. We are both extremely excited about this collaboration, and all of these will be offered initially through eBay, alternating between my own eBay store and Pat's- the link to which is above. I will still have some of my own creations up as they are completed on eBay in addition to these collaborations between Boggleboy Studios and Dancing Buffalo- in fact I'm working on  Leprechaun figure now, but he will be late for St Paddy's Day I fear- but he'll keep! So keep your eyes on the Hedge! 
       That having been said....here is the first in this collaborative series:
Ratatat Louille the Rat Goblin
You can see his and all of my auctions by clicking here: 
              We hope you enjoy him as much as I did! And I look very much forward to hearing from you all and hope to see you drop by the Hedge!

May 5th, 2006

Hello from the Hedge everyone!!!! Just wanted to let those of you who watch me know that I have two new little fellows. They are the most recent additions to my series of fae known as Wind Folletti! They are Albrecht and Notus-foehn! Each one is only 1 inch in height approximately and comes with it's own magic flying milk-weed pod! Here are a couple of pics of them:



For more pics of them, please visit my DA Gallery via the banner link below, and click on the thumbnails for a larger view. Thanks everyone! 

...This Way Directly To My Gallery On Deviant Art!


April 29th, 2006

 Faerie Ring
  Just one of my latest pieces here. It's only about an inch high, made out of Makin's Air Dry Clay with a lot natural materials. If anyone is interested in commissioning me for one, just e-mail- at info@kevinbuntin.com - me for details. I can't guarantee the type of wood- or material type- that the Faerie Ring would be mounted on, but I have a variety of materials...sooooo...lemme know!


Other places you enter the Hedge:
"The World Of Kevin Buntin"  "Boggleboystudios" "Boggleboy's My Space Blog" 

April 24th, 2006

New to Live Journal

Kevin Buntin

    Well, I'm finally getting around to posting here on Live Journal. I will admit that my primary reason for being here is to get more exposure for my art and my writing! But I also hope to garner the same benefits that I have from such communities like Deviant Art- http://boggleboy.deviantart.com/  And that is to meet other artists, writers, interesting and interested folk!
    Just to give folks an introduction to me and what I do: I am primarily a 3-D artist, meaning I am a sculptor/modeler and the chief subject matter of my work is fantasy. I also write- same genre for the most part- and often times my written work is done in conjunction with my figs- or vice versa. In both areas I am largely self-taught. I pretty much do everything in my pieces my self, from the armatures to the costumes and the set designs and construction for those pieces that have such settings.
    I'm sorry this is such a short entry, but I will try and write more later. if you would like to see some of my work before I get around to posting some here- just check out my web site- www.kevinbuntin.com - which is currently being updated so stay tuned- or for my latest work go to my DA Gallery here- http://boggleboy.deviantart.com/gallery/ and my "scraps" gallery here- http://boggleboy.deviantart.com/scraps/ I look forward to getting to know folks whom I might not get to meet via DA or any other on-line communities!


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