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News From Boggleboy Studios

Enter The Hedge...

21 September 1966
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My real name is Kevin Buntin, and I currently reside within the wilds of Troy, Ohio, with my beautiful wife, brilliant stepdaughter, and one very eccentric cat. Art has always been a part of my life, literally and if I wasn’t drawing or sculpting, I could be found exploring the out doors, all the while creating my own worlds of magic and adventure in my own mind. I was drawing such things as Viking ships teeming with warriors on Goldenrod notebook paper and modeling mummies and Frankenstein monsters out of Plasticine clay since elementary school. Ever since I was a child, my mind has been overflowing with characters and fantastic creatures and the worlds in which they live, all of my own devising, and they all demanded to be released. Through my art and writing, I do that. I am first and foremost- in both my art and writing- a story teller. I don’t really make too many immediately obvious statements, nor are they terribly profound; I’ll leave that to other more high-minded artists who prefer to make pieces too big for most of the space left to us in this world. I don’t do art out of pretense or a desire for recognition or wealth. I do it because I always have; it is a compulsion, a need. When I stay away from it for too long, I become ill and out of balance.
Typically, the size of my work and the subject matter of it tend to focus on the microcosm rather than the macrocosm. These little pieces occupy the space left over in the world, the tiny places between the roots and the trees. Indeed, a great deal of the material I use for my work makes use of materials that most people would simply discard as too small, as scraps, as what is left over. I do all of the work myself- from the armatures, to the sets, the modeling and sculpting, right down to the costumes. And so, too, is the case with my writing: creating my own universe and barrowing from scraps and bits of myths and folklore from all over the world to create my own unique landscapes and sagas. Come see the worlds I have seen, and know their magic!

Come see me also at my DA gallery at- http://boggleboy.deviantart.com/gallery/ and my other blog at My Space- http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=73527196
And of course at my main web site, The World Of Kevin Buntin- http://www.kevinbuntin.com/